Drake, Fans, Bet $7 Billion On Everything Related To Super Bowl This Weekend


Drake is not the only person betting big money on the Super Bowl. Read about some of the craziest wagers being placed on this weekend’s big game!

Rap star Drake drew headlines after he plunked down millions in Bitcoin to bet on Super Bowl LVI this Sunday (February 13th).

According to reports, Drake bet a whopping $1.3 million using the digital coin on Thursday.

The Toronto rapper will cash out if the Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Drake is not the only one splashing out digital coins or cash to wager on the big game, which has already become the most bet on Super Bowl in history.

Over 31 million fans have plunked down an estimated $7 billion in wagers on Super Bowl LVI, and they are not just betting on the outcome of the game.

Thanks to the rise of legalized sports betting, bets are being placed on everything from what color shoes Snoop Dogg will wear to Eminem’s choice of style – like whether he pulls his hoodie up or not.

“The sports betting landscape has changed dramatically since last year’s game,” said Eric Ramsey, data analyst for PlayUSA. “More than half of all Americans now live in a legal jurisdiction, and even well-established markets such as New Jersey and Nevada have grown significantly over the last year as mobile betting gains in popularity.”

“Americans have become increasingly comfortable with online betting in general and the less conventional bets it facilitates, such as in-game wagering,” Ramsey continued. “This should really help boost Super Bowl betting, which for years has enticed bettors with fun prop bets and other unconventional wagers. The big difference this year is those types of bets are easier than ever to make in more places than ever before.”

Some of the more interesting, less conventional bets include Super Bowl LVI’s Hip-Hop themed half-time show. In addition to Snoop Dogg and Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige will hit the stage, along with some surprise special guests.

People are betting on who will be on stage first; if Snoop smokes a blunt, will Eminem be censored, will a football be used as a prop, and perhaps the most outrageous – will any of the Bored Ape Yacht Club characters make an appearance during the performance.