Drake Gets Behind The Camera For ‘Rich Flex’ Visuals With 21 Savage  


Drake and 21 Savage dropped the “Rich Flex Recap” video featuring behind-the-scenes footage filmed by Drizzy on a camcorder.

Drake and 21 Savage have shared the unique visuals for “Rich Flex,” the opening track of their recent joint album, Her Loss

The Toronto rap superstar was the butt of many an internet joke after he was spotted filming various events with an old fashioned camcorder.  

Fans began taking note back in October, with one questioning, “who gave drake this damn camcorder he taking that s### everywhere 😭😭” 

“Drake Brought His Camcorder To The Raptor’s Game,” another fan tweeted, showing Drake courtside.  


While another caught Drake filming Jack Harlow at his Toronto show, “Looking Like A Proud Father 😂.” 

However, some fans began suspecting Drake was up to something and guessed his camcorder footage would be used for something epic. “The way drake is carrying this camcorder i know he’s bout to drop some classic s###,” read one tweet. 

Another fan added, “Drake better be walking around with that camcorder for documentary purposes only.” 

On Wednesday, Drizzy finally revealed exactly what he was up to with his camcorder – he was filming a music video. The Her Loss duo dropped the “Rich Flex” visuals featuring Drake’s behind-the-scenes footage.  

As well as his shots of Jack Harlow and the Raptors, Drake also shared clips of his celeb pals partying, including scenes recorded at the strip club. The video includes cameos from Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Fivio Foreign, Jim Jones, and many more. There are even scenes from Drake and 21 Savage’s spoof Vogue shoot, currently the subject of a $4 million lawsuit.

The “Rich Flex” video ends with a scene filmed inside Champagne Papi’s luxury jet. Lil Yachty sits alongside Drake on a plush sofa while flexing his iced-out OVO chain. Check out the video below.  

Drake 21 Savage – Rich Flex Her Loss Recap