Drake Ignores Fan Tackled To Ground After Getting Too Close To Him


A hysterical Drake super fan was stopped in her tracks when she tried to get close to the rapper as he arrived at his NYC hotel recently.

One Drake fan was so eager to get within touching distance of her idol that she was willing to brave the rapper’s security if it meant she could get close to him.  

Footage surfaced over the weekend of Drake arriving at his New York City hotel, which was surrounded by fans on either side of the entrance. As the “Rich Flex” hitmaker’s vehicle approached, one fan broke through the barricade while trying to get Drake’s attention. 

Staff immediately rushed toward the woman to prevent her from getting near Drake, tackling her to the floor. The fan continued screaming, “Aubrey!” repeatedly and got to her feet as the superstar rapper walked by—despite staff’s attempt to restrain her.  

For his part, Drake barely gave the fan’s antics a second look as he walked into the hotel.

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Meanwhile, another fan succeeded in getting Drake’s attention during a recent stop on his It’s All A Blur Tour. Rather than launching phones or other potentially dangerous missiles, women have been throwing their bras at Drake while he’s performing.  

However, one piece of lingerie stopped Drake in his tracks as he made his way through the audience at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. He picked up the black bra and held it up to his face before checking the size.  

“36G?” Drake declared before adding, “Locate this woman immediately.” The hilarious video went viral, and now the woman has been found. Check out her response below.  


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