Drake Is After The “Chicken” With New Investment


Toronto rapper Drake is backing a new plant-based business He hopes will earn him millions, if not billions.

Drake is about that chicken … and counting that chicken … and now making it.

According to PlantbasedNews.org, the Toronto chart-topper has invested in an LA-located plant-based chicken company and is a part of its most recent $40 Million round of funding.

Founded by two vegan entrepreneurs, Daring Foods partnered with Rastelli Foods Group to get the poultry alternative product into restaurants and retailers across the country.

For their contribution, Rastelli committed $10 Million to the collaboration to support in creating infrastructure for the emerging company.

Daring’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ross Mackay said, “The first wave of plant-based was really focused on taste and texture, but then you had the sacrifice of other elements, like health.”

But how is Drake connected? Well, the “God’s Plan” rapper has been a vegetarian for almost four years. In 2018, he said on a live stream on Twitch with 650,000 people watching he said, “Chicken and pineapple on pizza could work – but I don’t eat meat anymore.”

Earlier that year he said on his Instagram, “If two vegans are angry at each other…is it


If you want to try these faux chicken snacks, they will only be located at certain Costcos in Los Angeles and Hawaii. For more via Daring Foods’ website here.