Drake & Lil Baby Get Flirty With Nurses In New DJ Khaled Video “Staying Alive” 

Drake and Lil Baby turn up at the “Khaled Khaled Hospital” in the new video, the lead single from DJ Khaled’s ‘God Did’ album.

DJ Khaled has been teasing his highly anticipated album God Did for months, and now the lead single is finally here, “Staying Alive,” featuring Drake and Lil Baby. 

The song arrives accompanied by slick two visuals, a standard version clocking in at just under three minutes and a nearly eight-minute long extended version. Drake and Lil Baby take on the role of surgeons while DJ Khaled runs the department.  

The hitmaker producer shared a series of photos from the shoot before the single’s release. As DJ Khaled explains in a note, the video is set in a facility called the “Khaled Khaled Hospital.” 

“We represent the future of medicine,” reads the hospital’s “mission statement.” “Our surgical residents are at the top of their class, our highly decorated doctors are at the top of their fields, and our equipment is simply put—state of the art. We are here to ensure that you are always #StayingAlive. We’re here to do GOD’s work.” 

DJ Khaled previously hailed “Staying Alive” as the “song of the year” with the “hook of the century.” 

“I’ve been blessed to get so many great calls every day from all my peers, ‘Yo Khaled, I love your rollout,’ this and that. I told ’em, ‘Listen, I haven’t even started my rollout,’” he declared Thursday on Instagram. “But today we start. Tonight we start. Right now we start. DJ Khaled dropping a single featuring Drake and Lil Baby.” 

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God Did will arrive on Aug. 26. In the meantime, watch DJ Khaled, Drake, and Lil Baby’s “Staying Alive” videos below.