Drake Links With SMACK/URL For Biggest Ever Battle Rap Card

Drake said of the highly-anticipated event, “Some of these battles will re-write legacy and re-write history for some people.”

Drake has once again linked up with SMACK/Ultimate Rap League, this time to put on the biggest ever event in battle rap history.  

The OVO boss dropped the official trailer for the event titled “Til Death Do Us Part” on his Instagram on Saturday night. The card is stacked with some of the biggest names in the battle culture with legends of the SMACK era represented as well as some leaders of the new era.  


Highlighting the significance of the event Drake explained in the trailer, “You know a lot of the time our debates stem from our dream matchups and this event, fortunately for us in battle rap, is that exact debate coming to life.”  


The card really is one that dreams are made of, headlined by Loaded Lux and Geechi Gotti in a legacy battle for the Compton battler. Very few get the chance to face the legendary Harlem emcee; Geechi has put in the work to get the shot, now he has to make it count. Lux is one of the sport’s most highly respected, his legend is known inside and outside of the culture. Beloved was seen by millions of people around the world on Saturday (October 10) introducing heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder to the stage in his bout against Tyson Fury.  


Drake is said to have put the card together himself so it makes sense that his favorite battler, Nu Jersey Twork features on the card. Up against the “Gun-Bar King” Tay Roc, this battle sees two of the most electrifying battlers to ever do it put their skills to the test. Tsu Surf vs. Calicoe could be one of them ones, they battled once before but have continued to go back and forth with each other. Both battlers went crazy on the “Summer Madness 11” card and this battle could be just as intense.  

Battle Rap Mount Rushmore candidates Murda Mook and T-Rex face Eazy The Block Captain and Rum Nitty respectively. Eazy is having an incredible year with a potential classic and “Battle Of The Year” contender under his belt plus appearances on some of the top events this year. Getting the Mook battle at this stage in his career is an incredible achievement and testament to the impact he’s making. Rum Nitty is one of the best punchers in the game and just picked up a $75,000 prize from Drake as joint winner of URL’s Ultimate Madness 4 tournament.  

The ladies are represented by two of the biggest names in the women’s game with the return of fan-favorite Jaz against veteran Gattas, who’s been electrifying since her return. Real Sikh has been on a tear recently with close battles with some of the biggest names in the game and now he takes on the unorthodox, hard-to-beat Canadian, Pat Stay.  

Drake has long been a supporter of battle rap culture and has been involved with the Caffeine/URL partnership since its inception, his relationship with the leading force in battle rap culture going back years before. This card looks on pace to be yet another successful collaboration and the biggest ever event in battle rap history.  

“Til Death Do Us Part” goes down live and for free on Caffeine.tv Saturday, October 30.