Drake Out Of Almost $500k After Losing UFC 274 Bet; Fans Blame “Drake Curse”


Fans blame Drizzy’s for the loss.

The “Drake Curse” might be really real. 

The man whom the Canadian heartthrob dropped almost a half-million-dollar bag on as a bet lost his UFC fight.

Now, Charles Oliveira is teasing the Champagne Papi for losing $427,000 after he bet on Justin Gaethje. Of course, Oliveira, the victor in the bout, was joking.

After the fight, in a conversation with TSN Sports, Oliveira said he saw the extraordinary bet. “I saw it. I apologize, but you bet on the wrong guy,” he mocked.

According to AllHipHop.com, Drake bet $550,000 on the Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje at the UFC 274. The rap star posted a screenshot of his bet on his Instagram. 

He captioned it, “Big Weekend Energy.” If he had won, he would have brought home $1,375,000.

The fabled “Drake Curse,” which claims that sports teams and athletes are bound to lose when Drake backs or wagers on them, proved true on Saturday, May 7th.

Although he was knocked down twice in the first round, Charles Oliveira came back and forced Justin Gaethje to submit to a chokehold just 3:22 into the fight. 

Fans took to social media to blame the rapper for the loss.

“I blame Drake.”


“Drake is to blame for @Justin_Gaethje loss #UFC274

“Hopefully Drake isn’t anywhere near the place That curse he put on Justin Gaethje last night was criminal”

“Fading Drake…

Do you think the “Drake Curse” is real in sports?