Drake’s Dad Dennis Graham Gets Police Involved Following String Of “Disturbing” Calls

The stalker brought up Freemasonry to the rapper’s father.

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, says he’s been getting some weird calls lately and reached out to the boys in blue to have them get to the bottom of it.

According to TMZ, Champagne Papi’s father called law enforcement on Wednesday (July 12) and said over the span of 15 minutes he received two phone calls and three text messages. Graham said in addition to talking about his son, the person also engaged in some interesting conversations about Freemasonry.

The LAPD came to Graham’s Los Angeles home and launched an investigation into the creepy calls. The former blues singer always wanted fame but didn’t know that it would come this way, on the coattails of his iconic son.

“Here I am thinking I was going to be the big star, and I didn’t quite make it and vicariously—here it is,” Graham said in an interview with ABC 24.

Graham also said it was his love for music and Drake’s natural inclination to art that not only nurtured him as an artist but also tethered their father and son bond.

“He’d have a little time to listen to his rap and then I would play Johnnie Taylor, Bobbie Blue Band, BB King, Al Green, and he’d listen to it, and he got that soul and blues instilled in him,” he said. “Our love is undeniable. I mean, like, that’s my heart. That’s my heartbeat.”