Drake’s Son Adonis Performs “My Man Freestyle” At His Sixth Birthday Party 

Drake has a fledgling rapper on his hands with his six-year-old son Adonis sharing a new track, “My Man Freestyle.” 

Drake’s son Adonis is following in his father’s footsteps, debuting a new freestyle at his sixth birthday party. 

His famous dad posted the track on Instagram to celebrate his little boy turning six years old. The video shows Adonis having fun with his friends on the basketball court and showing off his skills while Drake makes a cameo alongside his son.  

On the track, Adonis describes an average game day: “I was waiting for this moment to arrive/ I was driving in the car and I smash my car/ I was playing in on my iPad and I broke my iPad/ I’m going to my house, seeing my dad/ I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change/ I’m playing basketball.” 

“Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW,” the OVO boss captioned the video. Watch it below. 

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The budding rapper has already performed the song in front of a live audience. Drake shared a video of Adonis onstage with his friends, showcasing his new freestyle in front of a neon sign that read “BIG 6’ERRRRRR.” 

Adonis recently appeared in his dad’s “8AM in Charlotte” music video, which saw the little boy describe his vision behind the image Drake used on the For All the Dogs cover.   

“So the goat was running away from the other monsters. And the other animals,” he explained. “Daddys name is next to the goat. Does that mean daddy’s the goat?” Drake questioned, asking his son if he was the Greatest Of All Time. Adonis fired back with a firm “yes.”