Dre’s Wife Claims Producer Spent Millions On Mistresses, Just As He’s Seen On Date With Apryl Jones

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s wife is demanding to know more information about his alleged side chicks!

Nicole Young, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Dr. Dre, has shifted her attention back to the producer’s alleged jump off.

As she continues to dig for dirt on her hubby, reports state that she wants to know if he has been paying the living expense of the women she claims are his girlfriends.

Legal filings note that it appears that the women have stalled presenting their depositions to Nicole’s attorney, waiting for a judge to determine the validity of the Youngs’ prenup agreement. 

Nicole and her lawyers believe that this information from the “girlfriends” can tilt the case in her favor … their holding up is just a game to jam her legal team. 

Nicole, a brilliant legal mind in her own right, and her team are investigating how one woman purchased a $2.15-million house “free and clear” in 2019. They assert that the World-Class wrecking crew doctor paid for it out of his near billion-dollar estate.

Now, why is this important?

 Well, if the prenup is not upheld, then that means anything that he bought with “their” money is a property that she also owns … at least half. TAKE NOTE DUDES WHO PAMPER SIDE JAWNS.

Dr. Dre Presents “Ripped Up” Prenup To Court And Sinks Ex-Wife’s Shot At Billions

She and her team have maintained, since the beginning of all of these divorce shenanigans, that the important contract was null and void after the Aftermath founder destroyed it in a fit to prove his love to her. 

Are we really to believe he loved her thaaaat much?

Well, consider this: he recently agreed to pay her $2 million in temporary support, as well as $293,306 a month for her livelihood. Their children are grown and he is committed to allowing her close to the same lifestyle she was used to.

There is something very strange going on … and maybe the girlfriends might give the prying public a clue.

Recently, Wendy Williams gave this tidbit to the prying eyes of the public. 

She said that Dre was spotted on a date with Apryl Jones, who starred on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and was recently linked with Lil Fizz after having two kids with Omarion.