EARTHGANG Celebrates Earth Day By Launching Community Garden To Help Atlanta Students


EARTHGANG members Olu and WowGr8 are helping local students at Jean Childs Young Middle School launch a community garden. 

Atlanta rap duo EARTHGANG is celebrating Earth Day community by launching a garden project in partnership with Young Middle School in Southwest Atlanta. 

In 2019, the students at Jean Childs Young Middle School took a survey, where they revealed food insecurity was one of the biggest barriers to their progress.

EARTHGANG group members Olu and WowGr8 got wind of the issue and resolved to take action by helping to restore a plot of donated land.

“It’s nearly impossible to focus on education, mental health, and financial stability when you don’t have the basic necessities of proper food, shelter, and protection. This project is a gift to future generations,” said Olu. 

The rappers are helping to plant a huge community garden to feed the local community.

The garden will also help teach the students at Jean Childs Young Middle School about the advantages of growing and eating healthy food while keeping good diets in addition to enhancing their knowledge about the environment. 

“Sustainable living grows more important with each new generation.  Promoting agriculture to youth is essential for changing the scope of what our community considers acceptable nourishment,” added WowGr8. 


EARTHGANG is preparing for an event to launch the community garden near the school, with a variety of faculty members, including Principal, Ronald Garlington. 

“Young Middle School is grateful to EARTHGANG for their commitment to making the Young Middle School Community Garden a reality,” Principal, Ronald Garlington. “Via this garden, students will be provided hands-on learning and problem-solving opportunities, increased environmental awareness, and frequent occasions to build strong connections to their community!”

The news comes ahead of a community function that will take place in the pair’s hometown of Atlanta near the school and future community garden.  

The community garden will be financed through the Atlanta Public Schools Foundation and all donations are 501c3 tax deductible and will go directly to this garden project.

Visit and donate to the cause here: