Eli Fross Bail Set At $100K For Wild Shooting In Times Square

Eli Fross

A rising drill rapper from New York is being held on a $100,000 bail after he allegedly shot at a motorcyclist during a fit of road rage!

A New York court sets a six-figure cash bail for Brooklyn rapper Eli Fross on Friday, July 16.

Eli Fross was arrested earlier for an alleged shooting in Times Square and was arraigned for attempted murder, attempted assault, and knocked with a criminal possession of a weapon charge.

The Daily News reports that the “Grim Reaper” artist, who has performed with Brooklyn drill rapper Sleepy Hollow, King Von, Sheff G, and others, fired four shots at a motorcyclist in New York’s historic Broadway theater area.

However, the 20-year-old, whose real name is Elija Quamina, did not seem to understand the gravity of his crime, one that required those behind his music career to cough up $100,000 to get him out.

Eli Fross was heard boasting about how his recording label, Sony Entertainment, was going to put up the money for him to get out. He also yucked it up for the crowd while waiting for his arraignment.

The popular news outlet stated that he was entertaining “guards and fellow detainees.” The Gen-Z rapper contends that he was not the aggressor in the altercation.

Eli Fross believes that he accidentally “clipped” the biker and in a fit of road rage, the cyclists shot him. He claims that when he bucked back, he was defending himself.

But that’s not what the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, Grace Lunden asserts. These are the facts that he is presenting in his case:

The Brooklyn native can be seen on camera shooting at the victim near Seventh Ave. and W. 41st Street a little after midnight on Wednesday.

The rapper, who is signed to Sheff G’s Winners Circle Entertainment, was riding in his white Mercedes and struck the cyclist, causing injury to the biker’s knee and elbow.

It is after this happened that the cyclist’s friend stepped up to Eli Fross and his friends in front of his car, never expecting that the owner of the car would pull out a gun and blast at him.

The police reported that the “gunman” ran off and the car drove away. But not before the cops were able to identify the car— tracing it to the rapper on Thursday.

The arrest comes while he is also out on bail for a previous 2021 gun charge. If he is convicted of the crime, he might receive up to five years in prison.

Guess, he will learn soon that this gun stuff is not a game.