Elon Musk Says He Spoke To Kanye West About Antisemitic Tweet That Led To Ban 

Kanye West

Elon Musk says he expressed his “concerns” during a discussion with Kanye West about the antisemitic post that led to his Twitter ban.

Elon Musk said he has spoken to Kanye West about the antisemitic tweet that got him locked out of his account a day after making a return to the platform. 

“Talked to ye today & expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart,” the Tesla CEO shared on Monday evening (Oct. 11). 

He was replying to an earlier tweet greeting Ye with a warm welcome on his return to Twitter after a two-year absence.  

Ye’s Twitter comeback was prompted by ban from Instagram, his preferred social media platform, also over antisemitic posts. The rapper turned designer shared a series of screenshots of text conversations with Diddy. The pair were arguing over Ye’s controversial “White Lives Matter” shirts.  

Kanye West suggested a wild conspiracy theory claiming Jewish people persuaded Diddy to reach out to him in an attempt to control him.  

He picked up his suspension from Twitter after threatening to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” while adding he “can’t be anti-Semitic because Black people are actually Jew.” He continued, “you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.” Twitter removed the post and restricted Kanye’s account.  

Many of Ye’s former collaborators and friends have been critical of his recent comments. While John Legend did not mention Kanye West directly, his statement was clear.  

“Weird how all these “free, independent thinkers” always land at the same old anti blackness and anti semitism,” he penned. 

Meanwhile DONDA producer Mike Dean also weighed in on Ye’s antics. He tweeted: “Posting DM and texts from folks is the single most thirsty think a person can do.” He later clarified he was “not just talking about ye.”