Eminem Explains Parallels Between Him & Elvis Presley On “The King & I” Featuring CeeLo Green


Eminem’s new single “The King & I” featuring CeeLo Green will appear on the Elvis Presley biopic’s soundtrack.

Eminem explored the similarities between himself and Elvis Presley on a new single titled “The King & I.”

Slim Shady dropped the CeeLo Green-assisted track on Thursday (June 16). The song will appear on the upcoming Elvis biopic’s soundtrack, which will be released on June 24.

Eminem tackled his connection to Elvis in the third verse. The diamond-selling rapper brashly copped to stealing Black music, a common criticism of Elvis and Eminem.

“I stole Black music, yeah true/Perhaps used it as a tool to combat school/Kids came back on some bathroom s###/Now I call a hater a bidet/’Cause they mad that they can’t do s###,” Slim Shady rapped.

A few lines later, Eminem directly addressed his correlation to Elvis.

“Now I’m about to explain to you all the parallels/Between Elvis and me, myself/It seems obvious – one, he’s pale as me/Second, we both been hailed as kings/He used to rock the Jailhouse, and I used to rock The Shelter/We sell like Velveeta Shells and Cheese,” he rapped.

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic will hit theaters on June 24. The film’s soundtrack includes Doja Cat, Denzel Curry, Swae Lee and Nardo Wick, among others.

Listen to Eminem’s “The King & I” single featuring CeeLo Green below.