Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly On Hit List Of Racist Shooter Who Killed 3 Black People In Jacksonville


The writings of a racist man who murdered three Black people in Florida revealed his desire to kill Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

Ryan Christopher Palmeter, the racist who shot and killed three Black people in Jacksonville on August 26, wanted to kill Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly too. According to Rolling Stone, the shooter named the two rappers as potential targets in racist writings left behind by the deceased gunman.

“Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady aka Ken Keniff, aka the white guy from D12): Stared the abyss (being ni–dly) and the abyss stared back (becoming a ni—er),” Palmeter wrote. “Walks the edge of ni–er lover and honorary ni–er. Fell off not because his new stuff sucked but because the lyrics were gay annoying liberal s###. ROE for Total Ni–er Death is to include Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady aka Ken Keniff, aka the white guy from D12) as a valid target and he is to be killed on sight.”

He added, “Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly): Honorable ni–er. To be killed on sight like Eminem because I didn’t get a shot at him up in Ohio.”

Palmeter killed 52-year-old Angela Michelle Carr, 19-year-old Anolt Joseph “A.J.” Laguerre Jr. and 29-year-old Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion at a Dollar General store. Palmeter killed himself after committing the hate crime.

Authorities said Palmeter, a white man, drew swastikas on his firearms. The 21-year-old gunman used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a Glock handgun in the shooting.