Eminem Shows Support For Detroit’s Fight Against COVID19

Advocating for his home city, Eminem showed up for Detroit’s “Everybody vs. COVID-19” virtual festival.

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(AllHipHop News) Yesterday, in Detroit, rapper, Eminem, offered up some words for his hometown in their fight against COVID19.

Making a surprise appearance during the city’s “Everybody vs. COVID19” virtual festival, Em urged fellow residents to stay diligent while also thanking them for their persistence thus far.

“Detroit isn’t just a city, it’s also a feeling. A hustle, a state of mind. But mostly, Detroit is a city where we fight for what we believe in. And we don’t take s##t just lying down. And COVID19 is no different.”

Em’s call to action in regards to COVID-19 was the perfect segue into his message about the census.

The veteran rapper urged residents to fill out their census this month to “bring the city together.”

His efforts have remained persistent after Detroit became one of the cities impacted the most by the pandemic in its early phase.

The recorded PSA aired over the weekend during Detroit’s Unity Festival, a two-day online event.

Many other Detroit artists joined Eminem for the event’s Saturday line-up, including Icewear Vezzo, Sam Austins, Rocky Badu, and La’Britney.

During the virtual event, Em also made sure to Tweet about the importance of unity in his City, sharing the link to the event’s live stream which can now be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.