Eminem Teases The D.O.C. Documentary Ahead Of Tribeca Film Festival Premiere

Eminem - Elvis

Eminem praises The D.O.C. in a clip from a documentary about the Hip Hop legend, who wrote for Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

Eminem gave fans a preview of a new documentary about The D.O.C. on Tuesday (June 8).

Slim Shady shared a clip of his interview for the film on social media. The video showed Eminem marveling over the craftsmanship of The D.O.C.’s song “Mind Blowin.”

“He was doing things that nobody else had done yet,” Eminem said. “Like, just lyrically.”

Eminem started to recite the second verse from “Mind Blowin” before suddenly stopping. He asked The D.O.C. himself to clarify the lyrics of a tongue-twisting section of the song.

“I gotta ask him what he said on this part,” Eminem said. “On this one part, I never understood it. I couldn’t make out exactly what it was.”

The D.O.C. joined Eminem on camera and nodded in approval as Em recited the verse again. The Hip Hop legend then confirmed what he said on “Mind Blowin.”

“Never a segment is negative because I’m employing whatchu been missing,” The D.O.C. told Slim Shady.

Eminem wondered aloud, “How the f### did you say that s###? G#######.”

The D.O.C. responded, “I don’t know. S### just came out.”

Director Dave Caplan’s documentary about The D.O.C. premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday (June 10). The film explores the rapper’s life and legacy decades after he lost his voice in a car crash.

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