Eric Adams Declares Himself NYC’s “First Hip Hop Mayor”

Russell Simmons joined the Democratic politician for a special announcement about the UHHM.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has had a love-hate relationship with Hip Hop since stepping into the position.

At one point, Eric Adams called for social media platforms to ban Drill Music videos. The former law enforcement officer tried to connect the rising underground genre to the street violence in his city.

“We pulled [former President Donald Trump] off Twitter because of what he was spewing, yet we are allowing music, displaying of guns, violence, we are allowing it to stay on the site because look at the victims,” stated Eric Adams in February.

Mayor Adams is now claiming to take up the mantle for Hip Hop in the culture’s Mecca. While announcing a $5.5 million investment for South Bronx’s Universal Hip Hop Museum, the 61-year-old politician made a bold declaration.

“First time in New York City history, we have a Hip Hop mayor,” said Eric Adams at a press conference. Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons stood beside Adams for his speech. NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Laurie Cumbo was on hand as well.

NYC Rappers Like French Montana Embrace Eric Adams

Throughout the year, Eric Adams made inroads with some members of the Hip Hop community in New York. For example, Bronx-bred rap star French Montana praised the Democratic political leader this summer.

“In order for us to make a change, we have to embrace people like [Eric Adams] and people in the higher positions that can help see the vision and help these kids because we don’t have no help out here,” said French Montana.

Eric Adams reportedly contributed $2 million in new capital funding for the Universal Hip Hop Museum. The facility – located at the Bronx Point development at Mill Pond Park – will feature gallery spaces, a black box theater, interactive exhibits, and administrative offices. 

“The Universal Hip Hop Museum is the official museum of Hip Hop culture,” stated UHHM Executive Director Rocky Bucano. “Founded by Hip Hop pioneers, we’re proud to be the recipients of the continuous financial support of Commissioner Laurie Cumbo, the City Council, New York state, and others to showcase, preserve, present, and protect Hip Hop Culture for generations to come.”