Erica Banks Lands On The Hot 100 Chart For The First Time With “Buss It”

Erica Banks

The Texan was able to turn an internet trend into chart success.

Erica Banks’s “Buss It” is one of the hottest songs on TikTok at the moment. The Nelly-sampling rap record is the soundtrack for the viral #BussItChallenge craze.

This week, “Buss It” went from online hit to Billboard hit. The publication’s latest Hot 100 chart features the 1501 Certified Entertainment/Warner Records release.

Banks found her name at #100 on the week’s Hot 100. “Buss It” is her first entry to make the rankings of the most popular songs in America. In response to the achievement, she tweeted, “Omg I love y’all. [pleading face emojis].”

The Texas native likely also loves the fact that the internet made “Buss It” one of the top trends on social media over the last several weeks. After initially dropping in 2020, the song took off in January of this year as influencers and celebrities began taking part in the challenge.

Recently, Nelly was asked about the success of the #BussItChallenge which is partially centered around a snippet of his 2002 classic “Hot In Herre.” The Hip Hop veteran said, “Yeah, it’s dope. Keep doing it. Obviously, I had to clear the record. But, yo, keep doing it, definitely. I see the numbers adding up for me. It’s awesome.”