Erica Mena And Safaree’s Newborn In ICU

Erica Mena has revealed her new son with soon to be ex Safaree Samuels is still in the ICU and has yet to come home from the hospital.

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena’s son is in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

Erica Mena recently shared with followers that her and Safaree’s newborn son is in the NICU and has been since his birth two weeks ago.

Legend Brian Samuels, was born in late June according to a now-deleted post by Erica Mena’s husband Samuels.

Her post showed her cradling their son as she shared an emotional update on Instagram updating her followers on how she and her newborn are doing.

“New NICU Mommy. Day 10 Legend Brian Samuels & Mommy staying STRONG. So far five out of the ten days I felt lost. I’m feeling guilty, confused and scared,” the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star wrote. “I’ve been getting phone calls and receiving messages. I’m asked a million times how I’m doing and if I’m ok. But how can you be doing? Can you really be ok right now? BUT I Remind myself , they love me and they are reaching out BECAUSE they love me. “They might not understand, but they want to. This journey I’m on, feels long. It has been tough. I’m taking steps forward, and I’m taking some back. I have good days, and I’m preparing for the bad ones.”

Erica Mena continued she has felt the “guilt of not preventing this, of not being able to fix it either” as well as “moments where you don’t recognize the person in the mirror.”

“This whole experience has taught how important it is to protect my peace,” she continued. “How important it is to turn my pain into power. It has also given me a different type of strength for not only me but my kids. King – Safire – Legend I promise you your mommy will make you proud. No more settling and fighting for anything that doesn’t deserve me only because you three forever deserve the best of me.”

Safaree Samuels has made no comment and is currently celebrating his birthday in his home country of Jamaica, keeping his social media followers updated with videos and pictures.

Mena gave birth a month after announcing she had filed for divorce from Samuels in May.

They also share 17 month daughter Safire, and Mena has a son, King, 14, from a previous relationship.