EST Gee Launches Young Shiners Label


EST SkiMike and EST Lu Mike contributed to the upcoming ‘Shiners Are Forever’ mixtape.

George “EST Gee” Stone III is officially stepping into an executive role in the music business. The “Lick Back” rapper announced the launch of his new Young Shiners record label.

EST Gee’s Young Shiners, powered by Sony’s Santa Anna service company, will feature a rap collective that includes EST Lil Zoski, EST Marti, EST DonWon, EST SkiMike, and EST Lu Mike. 

“It’s an exciting time,” states Santa Anna founder, Todd Moscowitz. “Propelling the creative potential and success as artists build their own ventures is at the helm of what Santa Anna is.”

Moscowitz also says, “We’re thrilled to be galvanizing that kind of support behind one of hip hop’s leading rappers and the burgeoning artists he’s looking to uplift.”  

EST Gee Wants To Help Elevate Louisville-Based Rappers

The Young Shiners crew all represent EST Gee’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. EST Gee has expressed that uplifting the Louisville rap scene is one of his personal missions.

“I feel like it’s my purpose,” says EST Gee. “You get to a point in your life where you just feel like you know what you were put here to do, and I think this is a major part of it.”

The Mad project creator continues, “And for me, that’s giving visibility to people who wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise. I’m grateful that Santa Anna saw the vision I have for us, it’s time for the world to see what we’re made of.”  

EST SkiMike Declares Young Shiners Can’t Be Messed With

Young Shiners will release the brand’s debut mixtape, Shiners Are Forever, on July 14 under the new venture. In addition, EST SkiMike recently dropped the project’s debut single “Disrespect.” The song arrived with a music video.

“We can’t be messed with in any shape or form ever,” declares EST SkiMike. “Our whole life the odds have been against us coming out of Louisville and Section 8. Shiners Are Forever and we ain’t ever going to stop shining.” 

EST Lu Mike also adds, “It’s deeper than music when it comes to us. We are a true family so trust and believe Shiners Are Forever.” Young Shiners leader EST Gee rose to prominence as an artist signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group. 2023’s Mad came out via CMG/Interscope Records.