Eve Says COVID-19 Strengthened Her Love For Billionaire Husband


Eve says being locked down with her husband Maximillion has only made her love him even more.

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Eve has credited the COVID-19 lockdown for “solidifying why” she fell in love with her husband.

The “Love Is Blind” rapper celebrated her six-year wedding anniversary with Maximillion Cooper in June, and has said spending time in quarantine with her spouse amid the coronavirus pandemic has made their romance even stronger.

“Honestly, it’s been really good. I have to say, I feel lucky that we’re one of the couples that got out of the quarantine and was like, ‘I still like you and love you’ – that’s a different thing. Because love is one thing, but you still gotta like the person!” she told People magazine.

“We’ve learned a lot of new things about each other. This is gonna sound so cheesy – and I swear I apologize because I’m not a romantic – but it has solidified why I fell in love with him. It brought us closer together, and it made me realize wow, we chose each other, and this is a great choice.”

Eve married the British entrepreneur in June 2014 after four years of dating and has said she thought their romance would be short-lived when they first met because Maximillion has four children from a previous relationship.

“In the beginning when I first met my husband, then-boyfriend, I was like, ‘This is never gonna last because you got four kids! How’s this gonna work?’ But then I met the kids and honestly was like ‘Wow, kids are amazing’,” she grinned.

And as she looks ahead to 2021, Eve – who recently announced she is leaving her co-hosting position on U.S. TV show “The Talk” – said she wants the next year of her life to focus on feeling more “grounded, peaceful and happy in the decisions that I’ve made.”

“I think also I realized that stopping is okay,” she continued. “I hold onto that, and I hope that other people hold onto that too. I think we all just got used to being crazy-busy all the time. Just take some time for yourself, an hour a day, it could be a week if you’re lucky enough, but take care of yourself and your mind.”