Eve Starring As “Professor Sex” In New TV Series On ABC About Washed Up Rap Group


Eve is onboard to star in a pilot airing on ABC about a rap group known as “The Nasty Bi##hes!”

Rap star Eve is heading back to the small screen in a new TV show about a subject she’s an expert on – Hip-Hop. 

According to variety, Eve is headlining the pilot episode for a new TV show called Queens. 

The TV show centers around four women in their early to mid-40s, who long to return to their heyday as famous rappers in their group The Nasty B######. 

Eve will take on the role of Brianna AKA Professor Sex. According to Variety:

Brianna is a proud wife and mother of five in a stained sweatsuit who barely has a second to breathe. Not glamorous, but Brianna loves her life. The Nasty B###### are a distant, distant memory. But when an opportunity arises for the group to reunite, Brianna will grapple with whether or not she still has the swagger and confidence that made her an icon decades ago.

Eve is also contributing brand new music to Queen, which will air on CBS if the series is green-lighted.