EXCLUSIVE: A Rep For The Singer Who Sued Beyonce Over “XO” Issues Statement


(AllHipHop News) Ahmad Javon Lane filed a $3 million copyright infringement lawsuit against Beyoncé claiming the superstar ripped off his song “XOXO” for the Houston native’s “XO.” Javon claims he sent a copy of “XOXO” to one of Beyoncé’s backup singers in 2013. Bey’s “XO” appeared on her self-titled album released that same year.

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A judge recently ruled in Beyoncé’s favor in the case. District Judge Paul Engelmayer concluded the two songs had little in common outside of the titles, but Javon may not be done with the legal fight.

A representative for Javon issued the following statement to AllHipHop.com:

The judge’s ruling in the lawsuit was unfortunate. Javon has stated that it is unclear how Beyoncé came across his song but it was shopped to close artists and producers of hers shortly before her version came out. Javon is disappointed with the judge’s ruling and is strongly considering fighting his case with an appeal. He is also corresponding with NASA which was sampled in Beyoncé’s “XO.”

-Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

Some NASA astronauts and their families expressed their concern that “XO” included audio from the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. Former NASA employee and founder of NASAWatch.com Keith Cowing called on Beyoncé to remove the audio from the song.

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Listen to Beyoncé’s “XO” and Javon’s “XOXO” below.