EXCLUSIVE: Bankroll Fresh’s Uncle Responds To 21 Savage’s Defense Of No Plug


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta resident No Plug faced some backlash for his jovial tone during a recent interview with VladTV.

No Plug was smiling while discussing his involvement in the tragic killing of Bankroll Fresh.

In a separate sit down with The Breakfast Club, No Plug’s associate 21 Savage defended his friend’s somewhat gleeful demeanor.

The “X” rhymer said, “He’s a goofy person, so all the laughing – that’s just him.”

AllHipHop.com spoke with Bankroll Fresh’s uncle Shadi Powers, and the Street Money Worldwide executive responded to 21’s comments.

“Nah, I don’t even know why 21 Savage is allowing himself to be put in this equation,” stated Powers. “To be honest, he’s a young rapper that don’t come from the side of town where No Plug comes from.”

Powers continued, “[21 Savage] comes from the East Side – Zone 6 – where Fresh was living during the later part of his life. He comes from that part of town. Why would you put yourself in that equation? You don’t know Fresh at all. Why would you even do that?”

The exclusive Q&A with the internet marketing specialist also included Powers explaining why he released a biting letter criticizing DJ Vlad.

He took issue with the online media personality for publishing No Plug’s claims that Bankroll was the aggressor in their altercation without offering equal time to Fresh’s loved ones.

Powers once worked with Vlad and he reached out to him several times over the last few months.

According to Powers, Vlad’s team expressed no interest in exclusive coverage of the events surrounding Bankroll’s death.

As a former business acquaintance, Powers did not understand why VladTV chose not to speak with Bankroll’s family about the violent incident that left his nephew dead.

“It puzzled me on why he turned it down. It didn’t hit me. I couldn’t understand it,” Powers stated. “Then all of a sudden, you do an interview with an alleged killer of my nephew? You didn’t reach out to me, the family? You didn’t reach out to the D.A.’s office to check and confirm the charges? Or the Atlanta police department?”

He added, “You just let this guy talk – changing the narrative on my nephew’s persona, legacy, and everything. It was all a one-dimensional conversation. If you change the narrative to Fresh was the aggressor, Fresh was jealous of me about a girl, Fresh was the one that pulled the gun…”

When asked about the relationship between Bankroll Fresh and No Plug, Powers claimed they were not best friends despite No Plug suggesting the two were very close during his VladTV interview.

In addition, Powers denied the two rising rappers had a personal conflict over a woman like some have suspected.

“That was so far from the truth on what they fell out on. He said that Bank came over to the 9th Ward and they walked him out of there because he didn’t want nothing to happen to him,” recalled Powers. “How did you walk him out of there when you walked him out of there by gunpoint? How is that being a friend when you walk someone out of a neighborhood by gunpoint?”

No Plug also implied that he was no longer a suspect in the murder of Bankroll Fresh and the District Attorney accepted that he acted in self-defense.

However, Powers says the case is still under investigation and no one has been cleared of any crimes.

“Because he was interviewed by the police department… come on man, there’s enough reality shows – First 48 – to realize how this thing works,” insisted Powers. “Just because Homicide interviews you and lets you go don’t mean it’s over. They just ain’t got enough information. It’s an open investigation.”

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