EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Family Emergency – And AMA’s – Could Ruin Her Lawsuit Against Tasha K

Cardi B vs Tasha K

Cardi B may be on the verge of losing her long-running battle with Vlogger Tasha K. – all because of a supposed “family emergency!”

Cardi B is experiencing a “family emergency” and is asking a judge to postpone her defamation case against vlogger Tasha K.

Cardi B’s trial against Tasha K. was supposed to kick off tomorrow (November 9th) in Atlanta.

The Bronx rap star sued Tasha K. for defamation after Tasha claimed Cardi B had HPV, herpes and was a prostitute.

Yesterday, Cardi B lawyer filed docs asking for the trial to be delayed due to what she told the court is a family emergency.

Tasha K., born Latasha Kebe, is not buying it. She is asking a judge to dismiss the case with prejudice – meaning it cannot be filed again.

According to Tasha, Cardi B is playing games with the court. She cited the rapper’s pending lawsuit with Kevin Michael Brophy over a stolen back tattoo.

In that case, Cardi successfully had the trial delayed so she could adequately prepare for her trial with Tasha K.

While she was diligently preparing for trial last week, Tasha says that Cardi B was out partying with the editor-in-chief of British Vogue.

To make matters worse, on November 7th, when Cardi requested the continuance due to the “family emergency,” the rapper was happily posting pictures of her daughter on Twitter.

“Ms. Kebe had to block off two weeks of her schedule, even though she is self-employed and cannot make money if she is not actively working. But, because Ms. Kebe has always taken the lawsuit seriously, she sacrificed her time and earnings to ensure her readiness for trial on November 9th, 2021,” Tasha K.’s lawyer Olga Izmaylova said.

Tasha K.’s lawyer said Cardi B does not care about the trial because she is too busy getting ready to host the American Music Awards on November 21st.

According to Tasha K., Cardi B has been in California preparing for the American Music Awards and “has absolutely no intent of showing up” for the trial in Atlanta.

“[Cardi B] intentionally and deliberately chose to disregard the orders of this court by leaving town for a two-week obligation the week before trial,” Tasha K.’s lawyer told the judge.

Tasha K. is asking for the full complaint to be dismissed.