EXCLUSIVE: Erick Sermon “I Stand By What I Said To TMZ”; Explains Stance On Transexuals In Hip-Hop

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Erick Sermon has been the subject of much discussion from comments he made regarding the possibility of transexuals in Hip-Hop culture.

He was asked, “Do you think someone like Bruce would ever be acceptable in hip hop?” and the Long Island emcee quickly replied quickly, “No.”

Continuing, he told TMZ, “The way the world is going you never know. We have some rappers who are also close to that, who are taking the culture way too far. Hip Hop culture is what it is, it’s what it represents and what it stands for…Its a sport for men and women who want to represent the culture and not for some people who want to come and start faking it claiming they are rapping… hip hop and rapping are two different things.”

Erick Sermon issued the following statement exclusively to AllHipHop:

“I’ve been in Hip Hop for 25 years. I’ve seen so much come and go as far as trends and whats acceptable and what’s not. I stand by what I said to TMZ and I admit that Hip Hop has some room to grow when it comes to those issues.” said Erick Sermon to AllHipHop.com. “We haven’t fully gotten there as a culture yet, but I believe in allowing people to be who they are and express their creativity in whatever manner they choose. There are different styles and trends that are pushing boundaries right now, but at the end of the day everybody deserves respect.”

See the full video below:

Erick Sermon: Hip-Hop Is a No Bruce Jenner Zone… That’s Not Our Culture
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