Foxy Brown Exclusively Tells About The Murder Of Her Brother-In-Law Carl McKinney


(AllHipHop News) Over the weekend a loved one of rapper Foxy Brown was killed in Brooklyn. Eric “Carl” McKinney – who was also closely tied to Fabolous – was shot multiple times in his Jeep Wrangler while stopped at a traffic light. He later died at a local hospital. acquired an exclusive quote from Foxy Brown about McKinney’s death. Read her words below.

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Carl McKinney
Carl McKinney

The tears just won’t stop. My ex-fiancé Rugs’ brother Carl (my beloved ex brother-in-law) was murdered Sunday night in Brooklyn. Always my favorite, we conversed shortly before, cracking jokes like we always did. His smile lit our borough! My last words to him were just I’m proud; super proud of his maturation. He’d arrived into something special defying all odds.

Rugs lost his other brother a few years ago, all 3 were inseparable and best friends with Fabolous since their childhood days. Their Brooklyn team “THE FAMILY”, a camaraderie of brothers.

We just ask God to send his fiercest angels of armor to cover their beautiful mom Tanya, and ask everyone to lift her in fervent prayer.

❤️you baby brother

-Foxy Brown