EXCLUSIVE: Freeway Rick Ross Responds To Rapper Rick Ross' Allegations He's A Snitch


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross’ recent interview with The Breakfast Club included the Maybach Music Group boss making statements about the man he got his stage name from – former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross. The two men were actually involved in lawsuits over the name “Rick Ross” which the rapper eventually won in court.

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During the radio Q&A, rapper Ross (born William Roberts) was asked about Freeway Ross’ open invitation for them to collaborate on changing the images displayed about the African-American community in Hip Hop. Roberts responded by saying “there ain’t nothing to come together about.” The Miami native went on to call Freeway Ross a “busta” and suggested he caused other people to be imprisoned by testifying against them.

“We talk about a lot of books and there’s a lot of this going on, but they don’t mention the forty people he testified on and sent to prison for life,” said Roberts. “That’s the information I seen because of lawsuits. We don’t do that where I’m from. Then, you blame it on who used you. Nah, you told. It’s called you testified. You told. You sent people to prison.”

Freeway Rick Ross gave an exclusive statement to AllHipHop.com about Roberts’ calling him a snitch. In response Freeway Ross says, “Do your research. You can look up my public record. As I said in the prior video, I hope we can come together make a change for the better for Black America.”

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While Roberts did not provide clear evidence on when or during which particular trial Freeway Ross supposedly provided information, another source also tells AllHipHop.com that Roberts’ “snitching” claims are completely false. He insists Freeway Ross actually helped other defendants avoid prison time.

“My family got out of jail because of Freeway. They had drugs planted,” said the source. “Freeway didn’t testify on 40 people. He made the hard choice to go up on six officers so eighty-five or so of his guys, black men that had drugs planted on them, got out. That isn’t snitching.”

A 1991 article in the Los Angeles Times reports that Freeway Ross agreed to testify in the federal civil rights prosecution of six Los Angeles County narcotics officers. The cops were being tried for framing Ross for a 1987 arrest for allegedly shooting at the cops and drug possession. The charges against Ross were eventually dismissed. The officers were also accused of planting drugs on suspects, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money, and falsifying police search warrants.

After serving time for an unrelated cocaine conviction in 1996, Freeway Rick has since focused his attention on combating drug abuse through appearances at rehab centers and halfway houses. He has also helped fight illiteracy with the Freeway Literacy Foundation. The fifty-four year old has been very vocal against current rap stars promoting the drug lifestyle to young fans as well.

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