EXCLUSIVE: Hollow Da Don Says He Has “Ether” Prepared For Joe Budden


(AllHipHop News) Earlier this week, Hollow Da Don inserted himself in the ongoing saga between Joe Budden and Drake.

Budden fired the first official barrage in the war of words with his Drake diss track “Making A Murderer (Part 1),” and Hollow then took aim at the New Jersey native with “Making A Murderer Pt. 2.”

AllHipHop.com connected with Hollow to get some information on his decision to release his own diss song for his Total Slaughter opponent. It appears Drizzy’s camp was aware of the Queens representative’s intent to fire back at Budden.

“I was talking to OVO, but not Drake. But it’s the same situation,” says Hollow.

Before Hollow entered into the current verbal sparring match, Budden faced some backlash for assuming Drake’s “4pm In Calabasas” was full of subliminals that were meant for him.

The Slaughterhouse member has continued to push the idea the Views creator effectively started the conflict on wax, and Budden dropped another diss record titled “Wake” overnight.

“Joe is reaching with an imaginary beef, so I’m doing the same thing,” Hollow states. “And he used my Jodeci line which is called stealing in the emcee handbook. [laughs]”

The Loyalty Over Money representative is referring to lyrics on “Making A Murderer (Part 1)” where Joe rapped, “He wanna sing? Well, let’s get into the show, commence my role. For Jodeci [Joe to see], Boyz II Men, we at the end of the road.”

During his battle against Budden in 2014, Hollow had a line that went, “Nah put up that Jagged Edge, I got 112 I want Joe to see [Jodeci].”

Even if Drake never responds to Budden, the “Making A Murderer Pt. 2” diss may turn out to be just the first shot in a potential back-and-forth between Budden and Hollow. According to the battle rap G.O.A.T. contender, he has more bars directed at Joe in the chamber.

“That was the jab,” adds Hollow. “‘Part 4’ is the ether.”