EXCLUSIVE: Judge Says Damon Dash Ruined His Own Credibility; Issues $300k Judgment

A judge in New York said Damon Dash ruined his own credibility and has been ordered to pay $300,000 to a female filmmaker who claimed the rap mogul stole her movie “Mafietta.”

(AllHipHop News) One of three legal battles Damon Dash has been fighting has come to a close, and the rap mogul was on the losing end.

Damon is being sued by three different clients who are all represented by the same attorney, Christopher Brown.

Brown represents Josh Webber in a battle over the movie “Dear Frank/The List,” as well as a client named Monique Bunn, who accused the mogul of groping her and stealing her hard drives which contained thousands of copyrighted photos worth an estimated $50 million.

Finally, Christopher Brown represents Edwyna Brooks, who claims Damon stole her movie “Mafietta,” illegally streamed it on his subscription service, and ruined a big deal for the author of the series.

Earlier this week, Judge Jed Rakoff finally issued his ruling after a few months of reviewing each parties’ claims in the lawsuit.

“The Court hereby grants judgment in favor of Brooks on her copyright infringement claim issues a permanent injunction against defendants, and awards Brooks $300,000.00 in total damages,” Judge Jed Rakoff ruled.

Damon may have had a chance, but he ruined his own credibility with his conduct during a three-day bench trial in January.

“Dash was throughout the trial disruptive and apparently incapable of exercising ordinary civility, the Court finds Dash’s testimony to be unworthy of belief,” Judge Jed Rakoff wrote in his final ruling.

Damon Dash has been legally barred from marketing, advertising, promoting, distributing, selling, or copying the film without Brooks’ consent.

Damon told TMZ.com he is planning to appeal the verdict.