EXCLUSIVE: KSI Drops Debut Album But He’s Still Ready To Kick Jake Paul’s Ass

YouTube sensation KSI just dropped his debut album featuring Rick Ross, Offset, Lil Baby and more, but he still has a message for his rival Jake Paul!

(AllHipHop News) KSI is now one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world, an actor as well as a professional boxer and a master of social media, amassing over 40 million followers.

With YouTube as his primary platform of influence, KSI’s two channels have over 30 million subscribers and over 6 BILLION views, third only to Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

Now he has transitioned to a major recording artist with his debut solo album, Dissimulation.

The record is crazy and includes some big-name artists such as Offset, Jeremih, Aiyanna Lee, Rick Ross, Lil Baby and more.

“Rick Ross and Lil Baby, they both heard the song, and they just f##ked with it, man. They f##ked with it,” KSI told AllHipHop.com. “They saw my journey, they saw the whole boxing thing, and they just loved it, man. They saw my fan base, they saw my numbers, they saw my previous songs, and they were like, ‘Yeah this guy is going places.’ They knew. So there were like, ‘Yeah, we’ll hop on this easy.’”

But Rick Ross and Lil Baby were not the only ones checking for KSI. He explains that the more that he met American artists, the more folk wanted to hop on his project.

“Offset don’t just jump on anything. You can give him as much money as you want if the song is trash, he ain’t going to do it. So he heard it, and he just f##ked with it so much that he wanted to be in the music video as well.”

KSI also vowed to remain focused on handling his simmering beef with Jake Paul, whose older brother, Logan Paul, fought the rapper in two-different high-profile boxing matches.

KSI and Logan Paul pair first faced off during a sold-out fight at Manchester, England, during an event billed as “The Biggest Fight in YouTube History.” The match ended in a draw.

However, KSI’s little brother Deji, who is also a YouTube star, was knocked out by Logan’s little brother Jake Paul during their fight.

KSI and Logan faced off once again in November of 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which ended in KSI’s victory, thanks to a split decision.

During his exclusive sit down with AllHipHop, KSI vowed to teach Jake Paul a lesson and humble him.

“I will be the one to annihilate [him] for sure. Yeah, no, mine thinks he’s sick. My things he said. Obviously, he beat my bro. And he’d be one of my best mates [AnEson Gibbs], so yeah, I’ve got to kind of humble him and show him who’s boss,” KSI told AllHipHop.com.

Jake Paul also recently confirmed the fight in on and popping after quarantine, in a showdown that is supposed to take place at Madison Square Garden.