EXCLUSIVE: Public Enemy’s Chuck D & Consequence Ask “What Has America Done”

The track will live on Consequence’s forthcoming album, Nice Doing Business With You.

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has teamed up with Consequence for a new single and accompanying video called “What Has America Done.” The track will live on Consequence’s forthcoming album, Nice Doing Business With You. The A Tribe Called Quest affiliate (and Q-Tip’s cousin) made the announcement via Instagram last week.

Sharing a photo of himself with Chuck D, Cons wrote in the caption, “What Has America Done Featuring the Legendary @mrchuckd_pe Guest starring @tonywilliams + @we_ani VIDEO COMING SOON. QUEENS GET THE MONEY. Nice Doing Business With You. Via @192records.”


Speaking to AllHipHop, Consequence talked about what a huge honor it is to collaborate on a song with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

“It’s really a dream come true to work with Chuck D,” he says. “His artwork helped me navigate becoming a man throughout my teenage years and our record together is a continuation of the messaging that he’s consistently delivered.”

Chuck D, who currently serves as president of the Hip Hop Alliance alongside founder Kurtis Blow and KRS-One, recently announced a new app for Hip-Hop fans 35 and up called Bring The Noise. Initially, it will be available solely to people in his inner circle to try it out. Then, they can invite others before it’s officially available in the App Store.

“Bring The Noise is culture media not social media,” he told AHH last month. “People are invited from anywhere. We aren’t uninviting anyone under 35, but we have our small segment of what we think technology and the whole realm can do for the art form. We specialize in the culture—which is film, art and music, or ‘F.A.M.’

“And look, this isn’t Chuck D’s app. Nobody looks at Facebook and calls it Mark Zuckerberg’s app. Nobody looks at Twitter and calls it Elon Musk’s app. So why not us? We fully expect to be bombarded and attacked. We’ll have naysayers, it will crash—just like those others. We are evolutionary here, but we think the revolution in every aspect.”

As for Consequence, he’s been teasing Nice Doing Business With You for months. The first taste of the project arrived in the form of “Blood Stain 2,” the sequel to 2022’s original produced by Kanye West. “What Has America Done” is scheduled for release next week.