EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly Had Sex With Underaged Aaliyah On Tour Bus According To Jane Doe #7

aaliyah and R. Kelly

The government just filed shocking documents claiming that a woman known as Jane Doe #7 allegedly witnessed R. Kelly abusing Aaliyah when she was 13-years-old!

Prosecutors trying for sexual racketeering R. Kelly are asking a judge to allow shocking testimony from a witness – who says she witnesses the disgraced singer abusing Aaliyah.

A woman only known as Jane Doe #7 claims R. Kelly started abusing her in 1991 when she was a minor.

The woman is prepared to testify that she witnessed R. Kelly having sex with Aaliyah in 1994 when she was just 15-years-old.

“Jane Doe Number Seven is prepared to testify that in light of her relationship with the defendant, which included the fact that they had sexual contact with each other when she was a minor, she was in a position to view the defendant engaged in sexual activity with Jane Doe Number One [Aaliyah],” according to a bombshell document prosecutors just filed and obtained by AllHipHop.com.

Jane Doe #7’s testimony is crucial because R. Kelly is charged with directing one of his employees to bribe a government official, who falsified an identification card for Aaliyah.

R. Kelly misrepresented her age as 18 – even though she was 15 – so he could marry her.

The singer’s ex-tour manager Demetrius Smith testified that R. Kelly illegally tied the knot with Aaliyah because she was pregnant and he thought the scheme would keep him out of prison for having sex with the late, underage singer.

If the government allows Jane Doe #7’s testimony, she is prepared to reveal the following:

Jane Doe #7 went to R. Kelly’s Chicago apartment in 1991 with another teen, who was an aspiring singer.

When they arrived, Demetrius Smith was present at the apartment with R. Kelly, who took the children to separate rooms where he initiated and engaged in sexual intercourse with Jane Doe #7 and another teen.

By 1992, Jane Doe #7 was part of a girl group that provided background vocals and dancing for R. Kelly as he toured. Around this time, Jane Doe #7 met Aaliyah, who was just 13-years-old at the time.

R. Kelly told Jane Doe #7 that she was supposed to become part of Aaliyah’s “posse.”

Subsequently, while traveling as a back-up dancer on tour with the defendant along with Jane Doe #1 and others, Jane Doe #7 observed the defendant engage in sexual contact with Jane Doe #1 in a room at the back of his tour bus.

Prosecutors argue Jane Doe #7’s evidence regarding Aaliyah is crucial because her testimony would demonstrate “the relationship of trust and loyalty between the defendant and Smith and helps explain why he would confide in Smith regarding the true nature of his relationship with Jane Doe #1 and his need to marry Jane Doe #1 as a minor.”

Currently, the government is planning to call Jane Doe #7 as a witness at trial on Friday, September 10, 2021.