EXCLUSIVE: The Lox Get Down To Biz With Coffee, Real Estate And “Living Off Xperience”

Each member of The Lox explain how they diversified their investment portfolios!

Sean Divine Jacobs and Jason Phillips knew when they were preteens that they would be superstars when they go older, conquering the Hip-Hop world with some of the biggest hits of the culture.

Fans might not know them by the governments, but when their showbiz monikers are said — Sheek Louch, Jadakiss and later adding Styles P (David Styles) — it is clear that folk are talking about rap royalty. They just released another album, Living Off Xperience, which has received critical acclaim for its rugged rhymes and hard beats.

But there is more than just emceeing with these brothers.

Many may be more familiar with their lyrical prowess, but they are actually great businessmen in their own right.

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As seen on the Ruff Ryder Chronicles, The Lox have always been business-minded, securing their D-Blocc Records while others on down with the Yonkers empire were worried about Jesus pieces.

The former Bad Boy rappers sat down with AllHipHop to talk about his new venture.

“I’m releasing a coffee soon called the Antidote and I’m trying to do some voiceover work,” Jadakiss told AllHipHop.com. “I just got the lead role in the animated film called Fe@rless on Netflix. So that was my first, you know my icebreaker [into acting] and now I plan on doing some more.

“I’m tapped into real estate, and all that just trying to buy as much as possible,” Sheek Louch told AllHipHop.com. “When you get the properties and stuff that, they are going to be there forever for your family and children.

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In addition to real estate, coffee, and acting, there are all kinds of ways that they guys are getting money and making investments.

Chief among them is their health spots, Juices for Life, led by Styles P and Jada Kiss.

Emcees elite, The Lox show that their longevity is based on their ability to play the long game.

Planning for their future by diversifying is the key.

But don’t get it twisted, they are still wrecking the mic,  Living Off Xperience’s lead single is “Gave It To Em.” Check it out below.