EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Bankroll’s Street Money Label Lashes Out Against 2 Chainz’s Street Execs Management


(AllHipHop News) Its been roughly three weeks since rising Atlanta rap star Bankroll Fresh was brutally murdered after taking 50 shots inside an Atlanta studio.

While police still try to lock down the murder suspect who ended Bankroll’s promising career, AllHipHop recently spoke with Bankroll Fresh’s uncle and marketing coordinator, Marvin Shadi Powers and his manager from Street Money Worldwide, Nature.

In the aftermath of Bankroll Fresh’s murder, the Street Money imprint spoke about the outpouring of support from a host of artists on social media and the overwhelming emotional support at SXSW tribute shows.

They also took the time to speak strongly about how the Street Execs. management and marketing company is incorrectly portraying their relationship with Bankroll Fresh.

According to Powers, Bankrolls Uncle and marketing coordinator,  “There’s a lot of bootlegging going on with the shirts and hats so we started an official store where people can purchase official Street Money Worldwide clothing and Bankroll Fresh clothing.  A portion of the proceeds will go to his family and helping support his legacy.”

Powers also expressed frustration with the fact that he feels like the Street Execs are “taking advantage of Bankroll Fresh’s legacy”

“A lot of people are still reaching out to Street Execs for information and booking when Street Execs. has nothing to do with Bankroll Fresh’s legacy, music or anything. The only thing that ever had to do with him in the first place was booking. They never managed him, they never produced him – only thing they had was booking. They had no legal paperwork or ties to Bankroll Fresh, he was his own man. I want to make that clear. Street Execs has nothing to do with Bankroll Fresh,” Powers said.

“It started off when he died, they wanted to say he signed to 2 Chainz, which was wrong. They wanted to say he was signed to Street Execs – wrong. He didn’t have any paperwork with them. The only thing they had was booking. The movement of Bankroll Fresh started way before anything with those guys,” he added.

“They’re definitely trying to take his shine,” Nature said. “Now that he’s gone they’re still trying to hold on, they have no legal position or legal standing to be claiming Bankroll Fresh. All the information being put out is 100% false. He was never legally signed with them, it just was a mutual respect. They have nothing to do with us moving forward. They were helping one of our artists, but that’s it.”

Part of the grievance with the Street Execs is that Bankroll Fresh’s murder occurred in the Street Execs operated studio that ostensibly carried little security.

“This thing happened at their facilities, we are not happy about that. There was no security and this thing happened at their facilities man. They haven’t tried to help for the funeral or anything. That was their studio that he died in,” Powers lamented. “There’s famous artists going in there with expensive chains and jewelry, thousands of dollars and they had no security?”

“Fresh was the CEO of Street Money Worldwide, Street Execs doesn’t even have a label, they are a management company. They try to portray they are a label, but they are a marketing company. They are trying to get a deal, but they don’t have a label deal,” Nature said.

Currently Bankroll Fresh is listed as one of Street Exec’s artists on their Twitter page (see below).

Street Execs Twitter


Although AllHipHop reached out to Street Execs for comment and they did not reply by the time of print, 2 Chainz has been publicly supportive since Bankroll’s passing.

2 Chainz has spoken very highly of Bankroll Fresh calling for an end to senseless violence and a change to America’s gun laws.

“Man I’m a fan of Bru and always will be , I’m in shock at the moment !! Senseless deaths we just got to stop it , I’m speaking up now,” 2 Chainz said after Bankroll’s passing.

Currently Street Money Worldwide is pushing their young artist Bankroll PJ who acts on the upcoming FX show Atlanta with Childish Gambino.

Check out his new song below  – you may have seen this child rapper on Twitter or IG a good number of times.