Family Puts Up $10K To Find Killer Of Omeretta’s Relative

Doctor - Atlanta

The mother says she would not ever wish losing a child on another mother.

On Friday, May 26, a Georgia woman was fatally shot in a DeKalb County apartment, leaving a family to mourn days before the Memorial Day weekend.

Now, Atlanta rapper Omeretta, who is related to the deceased, has put up $10,000 for anyone that has information that can lead to the arrest of the person who killed “the Gen Zer.”

The 25-year-old, whose name was  Jamiyah Parker, according to FOX 5, was one of two people shot on Friday night on Waldrop Trail.

While her grieving mother, Courtney Parker, says she is not sure why her child was murdered, authorities suspect that the crime was drug-related.

She also said she “wouldn’t wish this on no other mother,” when interviewed on Monday, May 29.

“While their family is celebrating the holiday, we’re hurting…we’re grieving,” the mother added. “My daughter was murdered…I’m not sure why, what happened or none of that…we’re not familiar with these apartments we don’t live nowhere around here.”

The young lady was not a resident of the apartment complex where she was shot. One woman who lived in the complex heard the shots and said she came to her aid once she discovered she had been injured.

She and another man tried to sustain her before the EMT arrived on the scene.

Once she was transported to a local hospital, she was declared dead.

The family is dealing with the loss but is asking for people to step up and help find the shooter.

“I beg you to please help me find justice for my daughter,” the mother asked.

Funeral arrangements have not been set up.