Famous Dex And Ant Beale Joins Trailblazer Coley On His 10th Album


Covid-19 couldn’t stop Coley, and he’s back with his 10th album.

Coley, the groundbreaking musician and artist, has hit a major milestone – his 10th album.

The eccentric artist, that hails from Philadelphia, has just released his opus Dudetopia. The album features Famous Dex and Ant Beale.

The artist said this is another bold step in his evolution.

“Dudetopia is my 10th album and a pure state of mind unbothered by society’s judgement. I’m still not at all famous yet AllHipHop supported me both on my first project and my 10th,” Coley told AllHipHop exclusively. ” I’m very grateful for [the site], and it’s actually the only blog I read. It’ll all come in time, I’m driven by real things.”

He promised to keep delivering for his loyal fans, staying true to himself.

“Mainly to give the world a prolific amount of work without any pandering. Truth has lost value in a society that looks to charlatans to give them easy, often fake answers,” he continued. “I rather stay true in Dudetopia.”

Coley may not be a household name but his numerous singles and music videos have him a cult following as a self-proclaimed “Enlightener and Hustlutionary.” As the CEO of Revel Media, he has full ownership of his masters and entire music catalog.

“You learn so much more building life on your own terms than you do from school or a job”, Coley said. Coley would know, as his beginnings were on Wall Street as an Investment Banker.

Since leaving his day job abruptly, he has amassed tremendous respect.

He has worked with Bun B, Nelly, Wale, Jermaine Dupri, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and even NBA legend Allen Iverson on an MTV Fashion Week event.

2020 could’ve marked the end of his journey after Coley almost died from Covid-19. Surviving has not deterred him. “Life is beautifully f##ked sometimes but I try to turn all manure into crops,” he lamented. “Music helps me inspire others to deal with life positively.”

With the release of Coley’s 10th studio album Dudetopia, Coley has triumphantly continued his unique sound and authentic spiritual approach to life.