Cops Claim Famous Richard Cried Like A Baby In Jail After Getting Caught For Taunting Cops

The artist denies he was crying in his cell and believes the officers are saying that to embarrass him.

New York City police are different, and they are never afraid to blow up the spot of a thug trying to act tough.

Just ask Chicago rapper Famous Richard.

The NYC transplant recently got into a squabble with officers from the New York Police Department and took to social media to humiliate the cops. The drill rapper gained a reputation for attempting to remove guns from officers’ holsters and bragging online about never getting caught.

However, on May 12, he got busted, and according to the police, all the big talk he does on his songs and on TikTok was reduced into whimpers.

Famous Richard, whose real name is Richard Sharp, and is allegedly a member of the Chi-town street gang the Black Disciples, was arrested in Jamaica, Queens, according to the New York Post.

As officers approached him for the arrest, nabbing him for obstructing traffic, he shouted, “I’m going to take your pipe.”

The rapper was already a suspect for threatening to do this to other officers, and a spokesperson for the NYPD said the comment sought “to intimidate officers and caused reasonable expectation of fear of taking the officer’s firearm.”

After resisting arrest, the rapper was “arraigned on charges of making a terroristic threat, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, menacing and disorderly conduct — which are all eligible for bail — and was released on his own recognizance.”

Upon release, Famous Richard hopped on TikTok as he left the police station house. As he was flexing about getting out of custody, he tried to put officers on camera, but one of the officers flipped on him.


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♬ On The Run – Famouss Richard

The cops reminded him he was “crying in our cells” when his phone was taken while he was inside.

“You’re the guy that got arrested,” one cop said. “You were crying in the cells. I remember that.”

At a different spot, Famous Richard tried to go live again. This time, an officer from Midtown North Precinct says on cam, “What’s up son. You was crying in the cells last week, right?”

He snapped back, “Who told you that?” “I saw you, bro,” the cop said.

In an effort to distract from what the officer was saying, asking another officer, “I was crying in the cells?” The cop responded, “You were crying in the cells, big guy.”

“Stop lying on my name. You got everybody on TikTok thinking I was really crying,” the rapper replies.

The officers never said they were joking.