Kodak Black Slams Ray J’s Plea To Get Help But Fans Concerned Rapper Snorting Drugs In Video 

Kodak Black

Fans believe Kodak Black was taking drugs during an Instagram Live chat responding to Ray J’s plea for the rapper to seek help.  

Kodak Black was not impressed that Ray J reached out to him via social media voicing concern for his health, but his response video only raised more fears from fans worried he is using drugs. 

Clips of the “Super Gremlin” hitmaker’s appearance on the latest episode of Drink Champs have gone viral, with the rapper appearing out of it throughout the show. Many fans voiced fears for his health, including Ray J, who said Kodak Black needs help and claimed “he did the most” during a meeting with Donald Trump.  

Ray J also urged Wack 100 to act, writing, “let’s figure out how we can help this guy instead of watching him self destruct.” 

Kodak Black caught wind of his remarks and slammed the singer-turned-tech entrepreneur on Instagram, claiming Ray J wants to go viral.  

In the video, Kodak Black insisted he doesn’t need help, calling Ray J a “b####” and threatening to “beat your little ass.” He also dismissed the suggestion Ray-J had anything to do with the Trump meeting branding him a “Boosie ass n####.” Watch the video below.

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However, his response only caused more worry as many viewers suspected Kodak Black was taking drugs while on livestream. 

“Wait Whatttt Did he just get low ND low-key did a line of Yayyyy ???” one Instagram user questioned while another asked, “did this n#### just do a line a coke mid video??” 

Many other commenters shared the same take on the video. “This n#### just sniffed coke ?” one person wrote. “I ain’t the smartest but my boy causally snorting lines,” added another.