Fans Defend Nicki Minaj As #FatAndForty & #Shes40 Trend On Rapper’s Birthday 

Nicki Minaj MTV VMAs

The Nicki Minaj trolls were out in full force for her 40th birthday, tweeting up a storm using the hashtags #Shes40 and #FatAndForty.

Nicki Minaj has cause to celebrate this week, reaching a milestone birthday as she turned 40 on December 8. 

Like any famous star in the social media age, the Hip-Hop icon has her fair share of trolls and haters who came out in force for her birthday. Her critics planned to troll Nicki Minaj by making the hashtags #Shes40 and #FatAndForty trend as soon as the clock struck midnight. However, her loyal army of fans had other plans.

The Barbz countered the negative posts with tributes to Nicki Minaj, sharing posts in tribute to the female rap icon on her birthday.  

One fan pointed out Nicki Minaj is still one of the biggest-selling women in Hip-Hop who pens her own hits. “Shes 40 and STILL THE REIGNING QUEEN OF RAP!!,” the tweet read before adding, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKI😘”

“The obsession is real,” wrote another of the Barbz. “Everyone loves the queen and if today she turns 40, the F###### QUEEN OF RAP. DOMINATING AND BEING THE MOTHER OF ALL THESE B###### WHO ARE OBSESSED. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKI 👑👑👑👑 #Shes40” 

Others pointed out the trend to criticize women simply for growing older.  

“Ah, yes, another hashtag full of people who apparently think women shrivel up and turn into desiccated hags the minute they turn 40,” one tweet read.  

Others plan on ignoring the haters and celebrating Nicki Minaj all day “Y’all might as well! mute me now because this is a NICKI party all day!!” tweeted a fan “Let me start it off!! LOOK at where we started from! This shxt ain’t new to her shxt is just new to y’all!!😭🥳#HappyBirthdayNickiMinaj #Shes40 🥳💕🔥  

Check out some of the other reactions to Nicki Minaj turning 40 below.