Fans Take To Social Media To Celebrate Cardi B’s 31st Birthday

Cardi B

Fans paid tribute to the history-making Bronx beauty.

It’s Libra season and Cardi B just turned 31. Her birthday didn’t go unnoticed. The “Bongos” recording artist received digital shoutouts all day, with family, friend and fans sending greetings on social media.

One person tweeted, “Happy 31st birthday to Cardi B! I’m so proud to see how far you’ve come, that little girl from the Bronx with big dreams is now Cardi f##king B.”

Another person posted a video of her getting busy on the mic.

“Anyways, let’s stop giving them washed up people attention on Mother special day F*** them!!!! it’s Cardi B day. F**k anything else! Happy birthday queen Mother without you there’s no clout!! @iamcardib,” another X user posted.

Long before Cardi B struck it big on Love and Hip Hop or on the charts, she was a Vine star, tapping into her social media capital early on. Since then, there’s been no stopping her, with her making history as the first solo female artist to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

What seems to endear her most to her fans is her ability to be relatable and an open book about the highs and the lows in her life. In a recent interview, she went out of her way to talk about not expecting rappers she collaborates with to “pick a side,” if they are friends with someone else.Many fans mocked her for that statement citing some of the times that they believe she did just that.

“If I like you, and I meet you, and we do a song, I don’t expect you to, like, pick a side or anything,” Cardi B explained. “You could work with whoever you want to work with. Because at the end of the day, this is a business, and you gotta look out for yourself, always.” 

Her caveat in this case is simple: “Just don’t s### on me. And don’t show me that you’re a fake b####. That’ll be breakin’ my heart. And when I see you, I’ma let you know. And when I have to express myself, I’ll express myself.” .