Fat Joe Flipped Out On Big Pun Over Sugary Prank


(AllHipHop News) Fat Joe recently hosted a Reddit AMA, to promote his newest album with Remy Ma, titled Plata O Plomo.

Joey Crack answered a mixture of questions for fans throughout his AMA, which recounted his history, how he has evolved in hip-hop over the past 30 years, his favorite foods, and his relationship with the late legendary Terror Squad member, Big Pun.

Even though Fat Joe doesn’t have physical unreleased music on Pun, he still has plenty of fond memories.

One of those involves the time Big Pun played a practical joke on Fat Joe when they were dining at a restaurant in New York.

“He always looked at me like as his big brother, the OG, but one day I went to drink my soda, and it might have been a mountain of sugar in there,” Fat Joe recalled. “Like as soon as I sipped it I spit and when I looked he was laughing and I flipped over the f##king table, I made the biggest scene in the restaurant and he was looking at me like ‘Yo twin I was just having’ – ‘No! F##k that don’t play with me m###########,” Fat Joe said he snapped at Pun.

“His face was priceless at that moment, he was looking like ‘wow I really got Joe p#####.’ It was crazy,” Fat Joe said.

Funny stories aside, Fat Joe addressed the current crop of rappers.

Joey echoed numerous veterans’ recent claims that the younger generation doesn’t pay the proper respect to the masters who came before them.

Fat Joe also isn’t feeling the style of some rappers dress.

“I disagree with some of these guys, the way they dress and color their hair and s##t like that,” Fat Joe revealed. “That’s not really my way, you know what I mean? But I would never bad talk any young artist trying to make it happen for themselves. At the end of the day, this is art, their lives can be as creative as they wanna be

During the conversation, Fat Joe admitted his generation of artists went through the same things in the early 1990’s with an older crop of M.C.’s, who weren’t feeling his street edge.

Fat Joe’s album with Remy my Fat Joe’s and Remy Ma album Plata O Plomo is out now.