Fat Joe Links With Kamala Harris Says “Don’t Believe The Polls”

fat joe

Fat Joe is warning his fans that President Donald Trump could win again if they don’t take action on November 3rd.

Rap star Fat Joe was the center of attention over the weekend, when he co-hosted a drive-in party with Vice Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

Fat Joe hosted the party in Miami with celebrity Chef Jose Andres. The Bronx, New York – bred rap legend offered some solid advice to the crowd and urged them to take a lesson from the 2016 elections, which put President Donald Trump into office.

“Everybody needs to get out there and vote. Let me tell you what happened four years ago, the media was saying that Hillary Clinton was winning by a landslide,” Fat Joe explained. “And so people who would’ve voted said, ‘Why should I go vote, Donald Trump’s not going to win. Don’t believe the polls, don’t believe nothing nobody says.”

Kamala Harris was on hand to call out President Trump, when her remarks were interrupted by one of his supporters, who tried to heckle her while holding a sign that read “Rioters & Looters for Biden.”

The man was quickly ushered out of the venue as Kamala Harris quipped: “We deserve better. You measure a person’s strength not by who they beat down, but who they lift up.”

Fat Joe was one of several rappers who linked up with the Biden campaign in an attempt to drum up support for the 77-year-old presidential candidate.

Over the weekend, Offset and Common linked up with Joe Biden in Atlanta, and so did Jeezy.