Fat Joe Says DaBaby is a Modern Day 2Pac: DaBaby Responds

Fat Joe raised some eyebrows with his comparison of Pac and DaBaby drawing heavy criticism for his remarks but what did DaBaby make of it?

Rap City is back and one of the first big names to make an appearance on the classic BET show was Fat Joe. The Terror Squad rapper sat down with Big Tigger for an episode of “Rap City ‘21” that has landed him in some hot water.  

Host Big Tigger asked Joe to make some comparisons between 90’s Hip-Hop legends and their modern-day equivalents. Making comparisons with the greats in any culture is a delicate subject that is always certain to ruffle a few feathers. When it comes to Hip-Hop, there are few names not to be played with, pretty high at the top of that list is the late, great Tupac Shakur. Play with his name or his legacy, and the Internet is coming for you!  

Fat Joe knew what he was getting himself into and that he would have to tread carefully, telling the Rap City host “I hope I could do this.” When the West Coast legend’s name came up Joe was feeling the heat and told Big Tigger “You’re asking me some crazy stuff.” He took some time to think before giving his answer, saying this is one comparison he should know: 

“I should know the 2Pac one. I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby,” Joe answered finally. Tigger didn’t say much in response but many took to social media to voice their opinion. Joey Crack comparing the two was going too far for many who thought DaBaby doesn’t compare musically, but also because of the controversial comments he made in the summer. 


One person who agreed was DaBaby, who took to Instagram to give his response.  

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“Agreed,” DaBaby wrote on Instagram in the caption “But they gone salt that down to Crack,” he wrote with a shhh, quiet emoji.  

Fortunately for Fat Joe, his other answers didn’t receive the same backlash. He said the new Jay-Z right now is Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar. The 2021 equivalent to Bay Area icon E-40 is Rod Wave because “they both big boys and that boy got something.” 

He also gave his verdict on who is his modern-day equivalent. “Yeah, there is a new Fat Joe. Nems,” he said and went further saying of the Coney Island emcee, “this guy’s crazy, when I see him, I see me.”  

However, there were two legends that the Bronx spitter found impossible to compare to anyone in today’s scene; Lauren Hill and Mc Hammer! He couldn’t recall anyone “who’s dancing they ass off” like Hammer and said Ms. Lauren Hill is “probably the No. 1 female rapper of all time, and she sing! She’s goated.”  

Watch Fat Joe on “Rap City ’21” below.