Fetty Wap Celebrates Success – With His 1,000 Pair Of Air Jordans


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Fetty Wap has reached a personal style milestone after recently snapping up his 1,000th pair of Air Jordans.

The “Trap Queen” hitmaker, real name Willie Maxwell, grew up coveting the trendy sneakers and now boasts quite the collection – and he has paid for every pair.

Fetty, who will launch By Order Of, his urban wardrobe collection in partnership with streetwear brand Control Sector, at the end of this month, says:

“I never got a free pair of Jordans. I’m into buying my Jordans, it means something to me. I bought my first pair of Jordans when I was 22.

“Growing up, Jordans, Air Forces, Air Maxes, New Balances were big in the urban areas, so, to get my first pair meant a lot to me. Now I got my 1,000th pair of Jordans all in different houses. I’m very repetitive, I have 100 pairs of the same sneakers in the same house. I wear all of them. Just grab me a right and a left one.”