Fetty Wap Talks Balancing Fatherhood, Bobby Shmurda And More


Fetty Wap has rose to stardom overnight thanks to his catchy hit “Trap Queen.” Now he has gone from selling dope to digital singles and sat down with VIBE to reminisce about his humble beginnings and gush about his future.

As a rising rapper/singer that now calls his tour bus home, he says his fame is a “gift and a curse” because it keeps him from his two children.

“I used to see them every day,” the “My Way” rapper told VIBE. ” Now, my biggest fear is that my daughter is going to be crying because she doesn’t know who I am. Or she’s going to be crying because she’s happy to see me. She’s still young so she doesn’t really know what’s up right now. As a man though, that s### kind of hurts me. That’s my baby girl, my only daughter. What man don’t want their daughter to know who they is?”

He also spoke about 2014’s overnight star Bobby Shmurda, who is incarcerated at Riker’s Island on a slew of charges. Wap credited the Brooklyn spitter with helping him getting his career off the ground when he endorsed him via Instagram.

“Really, Bobby Shmurda reposted my song on Instagram first and made things really start to take off,” the 24-year-old said. “Then I think Rihanna posted it. Then I did the show with Kanye.”

The Paterson, NJ native also sympathized with Bobby’s unfortunate situation.

“We’re some young hood n##### that lived a certain lifestyle, and there’s consequences that come with that. Right now, he’s doing his time like a G. When that’s over, he’ll come back out and move on. Sometimes you can be far, far away from the hood and this type of s### still follows you. Really, I believe if you were a person known for violence — or every time you go somewhere someone’s gets shot and s### like that, then the cops will really be on you. At all my parties there don’t really be none of that s###. I don’t give the people the opportunity.”

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