Fetty Wap Gets Eastside High Principal Suspended Over “Wake Up” Video


(AllHipHop News) The principal of Fetty Wap’s former high school has been disciplined for allowing the rapper to shoot a provocative video for his song “Wake Up.”

Eastside High School’s Principal Zatiti Moody has been suspended with pay, after the video for “Wake Up” caused an uproar in the local community.

Clips of the video feature scantily clad women dancing on poles inside of a classroom, and other scenes depict marijuana and alcohol use.

It is hard to imagine any other kind of video for the song, since its lyrics are very direct.

Superintendent Donnie Evans announced Principal Moody’s suspension during an investigation with the Board of Education.

Even though permission was granted to shoot the video, the Board is seeking to find out if all policies were observed when the video was shot.

“As there are procedures that must be followed in securing the use of our facilities, whether all procedures were followed is in question and being investigated – and will be addressed as a personnel matter,” said Eastside High spokeswoman Terry Corallo.