Fetty Wap Drawn Into Bid To Invalidate President Biden’s Election

fetty wap, joe biden

Fetty Wap has been named in a strange lawsuit attempting to remove President Joe Biden from office!

President Donald Trump is not the only defeated presidential candidate fuming at the election of Joe Biden in November.

While most of the media concentrates on President Trump, his flatulent lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and their insane argument that the 2020/election was filled with fraud, another failed adversary of President Biden is also contending the election was rigged.

In addition to facing off against Trump, Kanye West, and Howie Hawkins, one of President Biden’s opponents was a candidate whose legal name is President R19 Boddie.

While Biden snatched almost 80 million votes, President R19 Boddie, who hails from Lithonia, Georgia, and ran as an independent, received just 3,167 votes, which was good enough to beat former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

President Boddie lodged a federal lawsuit claiming President Biden allegedly collected monetary gifts from foreign states and committed treason.

He wants all of the votes cast for President Biden to be invalidated. However, the court grew suspicious of President R19 Boddie’s intentions with the lawsuit.

Boddie listed President Biden’s address as “1738 Trap Queen Ave,” an obvious reference to the hit song “Trap Queen” by rapper Fetty Wap.

United States District Judge Amy Totenberg is familiar with Fetty Wap and his music because she caught on to President R19 Boddie’s prank immediately.

“Fetty Wap frequently references the numbers ’17’ and ’38’ in his music as a nod to a group of close chums in New Jersey, who call themselves the ‘Remy Boyz 1738’ in appreciation of the Rémy Martin brand’s ‘1738’ cognac,” Judge Totenberg wrote in her retort to President R19 Boddie’s lawsuit.

Boddie’s malarkey drew a speedy response from Judge Totenberg, who blasted him for squandering the court’s time. She issued a stern warning to the failed presidential candidate for lying about President Biden’s address.

“The Court strictly cautions Plaintiff against knowingly including false information in filings to the Court,” Judge Totenberg said.

Judge Totenberg rejected President R19 Boddie’s petition to invalidate the vote of every American.

While Judge Totenberg called the lawsuit “abject nonsense which has no chance for success,” she is permitting President R19 Boddie to serve President Biden with the lawsuit.

“As in his other filing, were it not for the fact that Plaintiff paid the filing fee to bring this action, the Court would simply dismiss this action as frivolous,” ruled Judge Totenberg. “But, as he indeed paid the fee, he may proceed to attempt to serve the named defendant if he so desires.”

The case is expected to be thrown out of court during the next hearing in February 2021.