Fetty Wap Joins Protest In Defense Of Suspended Eastside High Principal [POLL]


(AllHipHopNews) Patterson, NJ star Fetty Wap made a brief appearance at a board of education meeting along with more than 100 residents in protest of the suspension of popular Eastside High principal Zatiti Moody.

The principal was recently suspended over the controversial filming of the video for Fetty Wap’s track “Wake Up,” at Eastside High School.

The controversial video features scenes with marijuana being smoked along with a pole dancer.

The tune also includes lyrics that could be considered unfitting for such a setting, even with the celebratory graduation theme of the track, with lines such as, “S##t, I ain’t really trippin’ over school, let’s get Wiz Khalifa high.”

According to North Jersey News, many Patterson residents seemed to be in strong support of Moody, as attendees to the protest sported buttons and t-shirts with the slogan, “Return Principal Moody back to Eastside High School.”

Two weeks ago, Principal Moody was placed on administrative leave 2 weeks ago by state-appointed city schools superintendent, Donnie Evans.

Principal Moody will remain on leave while investigations are conducted to determine if the proper regulations were followed in allowing the controversial video to be filmed at the high school.

Check out the controversial video for “Wake Up” below.